March 2015, Issue 63


Learning Made Easy with lyndaCampus

​Learning Solutions and Application, CITS

lyndaCampus is a 24/7 online learning video library that offers hundreds of training courses in easy-to-learn video formats. It is open to the entire NTU community for free access via NTULearn.

The training courses cover popular applications from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Microsoft and other well-known software publishers. The library also contains more than 2,000 useful videos such as Design the Web with HTML5, Adobe Generator for Graphics, Dreamweaver with PHP and MySQL, Designing a ResumeDecision-Making Fundamentals, etc. attracting more than 200 NTU new users every month for the past year. The video library is updated every two weeks with the latest content.


What’s more, faculty can now incorporate videos from lyndaCampus directly into their course sites in NTULearn as a training guide or additional learning resource to enhance student learning.

Associate Professor Lie Seng Tjhen from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), recently utilised this feature effectively for his classes of 60 students on topics such as “Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor” and “AutoCAD 2013 Essentials” video tutorials. Below is an abstract of a Q&A session with Professor Lie:



​Are the video tutorials beneficial to the instructor and students?

Compared to the conventional courseware, these online video tutorials are more effective and easier for all users to follow.



​How often is the video tutorial being used as a teaching tool?

There are three 3-hour lessons per week. Hence, the total number of hours used for teaching is 117 hours from weeks 1 to 13.  



Does it save time for the instructor in preparing the course material?

Yes, it does help to save the preparation time. 



​How long does it take to set up the video tutorial in the Course Sites?

Half a day for the first set-up.



​How is the experience of the students on using lyndaCampus?

Students can revise the tutorial at any time and from anywhere. The tutorial is accessible 24-hours a day, and can be reviewed as many times as necessary.



​Will you continue to use lyndaCampus as one of the teaching tools?

Yes, because of the above-mentioned benefits. In addition, it will also help to save the environment as there will be less printing of courseware materials.



​How many students accessed the video simultaneously?

There were 60 students accessing the video simultaneously. 


To access lyndaCampus, please read our guide on Accessing lyndaCampus movie tutorials.

For faculty who wish to incorporate lyndaCampus videos into their courses, please read our guide on Adding lyndaCampus movie tutorials into your Course Site.

For more details on how to use lyndaCampus in NTU, please visit our lynda website or contact our Service Desk for assistance.