December 2015 | Issue 21
London calling

Paul Ratcliffe.jpg

By Paul Ratcliffe
Deputy Director of Education Management, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial

It was fantastic to be in Singapore for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of LKCMedicine and the launch of the LKCMedicine commemorative book.

I have been involved in the collaboration since the very beginning and have had the pleasure of watching the School grow from an ambitious idea on paper to the innovative medical school that it is today.

One thing that was abundantly clear from everyone I spoke to, staff and students alike, is that LKCMedicine is very special to a lot of people. Many of those attending the event have been absolutely essential to its success, and have worked tirelessly over the last five years to make the School what it is today. Over the last two-and-a-half years, the addition of a highly impressive student body has been key to bringing the School to life.

London Office 1.jpg
Members of the Imperial delegation that joined the fifth anniversary celebrations

The new concept of OneLKCMedicine, which was also launched at the event, illustrates the growing LKCMedicine community and breadth of activity undertaken by its students, faculty and staff. We, at Imperial, are looking forward to continue working closely with LKCMedicine over the next five years and beyond.

One recent exciting initiative in our deepening collaboration is the launch of an exchange programme, during which LKCMedicine students will travel to Imperial for a taste of Imperial and London life, and in return, Imperial students will visit LKCMedicine and Singapore. We hope this will be the start of a great relationship between the students of both Schools, providing an opportunity for them to work together and form friendships, as well as an international perspective on medicine and healthcare systems. 

I have no doubt that the first five years are just the beginning of a successful journey for LKCMedicine. It is something that those of us, who are involved now, will watch with pride for the next five years and throughout the rest of our careers.