December 2018 | Issue 39
News roundup

LKCMedicine in international news
The young medical school was headlined by international media for both its medical education and research innovations. Assistant Professor and Head of Anatomy Sreenivasulu Reddy Mogali has come up with 3D-printed human organs in various colours, hardness and flexibility that mimic real human organs as an additional learning tool to help students appreciate structural variations in organs from different individuals. Asst Prof Reddy hopes that these 3D-printed organs will also prove useful to hospitals where they can be used to simulate surgery or assist in explaining to patients about their condition. Meanwhile, LKCMedicine Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine Wang Xiaomeng is part of an NTU research team led by School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Professor Chen Peng,  that has developed a contact lens-like patch with nine drug-filled microneedles that can release their contents into the eye until they eventually dissolve. This project aims to deliver a painless and a more effective delivery of eye drugs to treat diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

LKCMedicine Nanyang Assistant Professor Christine Cheung receives L'Oréal Singapore For Women in Science National Fellowship Award
On November 7, LKCMedicine Nanyang Assistant Professor Christine Cheung received the L'Oréal Singapore For Women in Science National Fellowship Life Sciences Award. Now in its tenth year, the Fellowship awards two researchers yearly in the fields of Life Sciences and Physical & Engineering Sciences who have shown scientific excellence in their career, and aims to encourage women to not only pursue and maintain careers in science, but actively participate in Singapore's research and development sector. Recipients were selected based on criteria that involved intellectual merit, research proposals, potential for scientific advancement and relevance to innovative scientific solutions to problems confronting current issues.

LKCMedicine Professor of Neuroscience & Mental Health George Augustine selected as President of Claustrum Research Society
On November 3, LKCMedicine Professor of Neuroscience & Mental Health George Augustine was selected as the next President of the Society for Claustrum Research at the Society's annual meeting, which was held at the Salk Institute in the United States. The Society's aim is to increase and exchange information on the claustrum, which is the most densely wired part of the human brain and has been proposed to be the seat of consciousness. Prof Augustine, who also holds the Irene Tan Liang Kheng Chair Professorship in Neuroscience, will assume his duties on January 1, 2019 and the appointment is for a year.

Society of Behavioural Health held first scientific meeting and symposium
LKCMedicine hosted Singapore's newly-established Society of Behavioural Health's first scientific meeting and symposium at the School's Toh Kian Chui Annex Lecture Theatre on October 4, welcoming some 140 researchers, educators, healthcare practitioners and administrators, as well as medical students. After a joint opening featuring Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs Professor Pang Weng Sun, the meeting allowed the participants to learn more about the latest in this field from a stellar line-up of speakers from diverse backgrounds including LKCMedicine’s A/Prof Josip Car and A/Prof Konstadina Griva, who is the society’s Protem Vice-President. Four themed symposia covered topics such as infectious diseases, cardiometabolic disease and digital technology in healthcare, ageing and community health, and mapping behavioural risks and scoping community service.

LKCMedicine HQ becomes part of the Balestier Heritage Trail
The National Heritage Board (NHB) has put the LKCMedicine HQ building on its expanded Balestier Heritage Trail this year due to it having served as a hostel for medical students and quarters for TTSH nurses from the 1920s through the Japanese Occupation. The information marker in front of the School identified the HQ Building as "Old Tan Tock Seng Hospital Grounds" while on the Balestier Heritage Trail map, the HQ is identified as "Former Nurses' Quarters". The walking trail is an approximate two-hour loop and will also take in the "Former Pavilion Wards" and the "Former Mandalay Road Hospital".

LKCMedicine team visits several medical schools in Dublin, University of British Columbia and medical & research institutes
From November 5 to 7, LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best, Executive Vice-Dean of Strategic Relations and International Affairs Prof Lionel Lee and Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine Sanjay Chotirmall, travelled to Ireland and visited the Royal College Of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) where they met RCSI Chief Executive Officer and Registrar Professor Cathal Kelly and faculty. Over at the Trinity College Dublin, they discussed potential research collaboration and student exchange opportunities with Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine Head Prof Michael Gill. On November 6, Prof Best and University College Dublin Dean & Head of Medicine Prof Michael Keane signed a Student Exchange Agreement. On November 7, Prof Lionel Lee and Asst Prof Sanjay Chotirmall made their final stop at the University College Cork (UCC) to discuss staff & student exchange programmes and research collaboration with UCC President Professor Patrick O'Shea, Deputy President and Registrar Professor John O'Halloran and UCC Medical School Dean Professor Paula O'Leary.

On October 29 & 30, LKCMedicine Executive Vice-Dean of Strategic Relations and International Affairs Prof Lionel Lee, Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology John Chambers and Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine Sanjay Chotirmall visited University of British Columbia's (UBC) Faculty of Medicine and met its Dean and LKCMedicine Visiting Professor Dermot Kelleher. During their two-day visit, they visited UBC and St Paul's Hospital's Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, B.C. Children's Hospital Research Institute, Canada's Michael Smith Cancer Genome Sciences Institute, Gordon & Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre's Centre for Heart & Lung Health, the Division of Endocrinology and the Department of Respiratory Medicine Labs.