June 2015 | Issue 18
Imperial and LKCMedicine - the right foundation and a bright future

​Chris Cook
Collaboration Management Assistant

Eleanor Sheppard
Collaboration Officer, Governance &​ Educational Quality

A screen in the London Office counts the number of days since the first students arrived at LKCMedicine.  At the time of writing this article, the screen reads 670 days, and each passing day is evidence of what a strong international partnership can achieve.

Fo​r Imperial, the chance to create a new medical school in Singapore, in partnership with NTU, was an opportunity not to be missed. Singapore places a high value on the importance of education, invests enormously to support this, and its universities continue to rise up the world rankings. NTU's desire to establish a medical school to meet the healthcare challenges of tomorrow resonates strongly with Imperial's mission to deliver world-class scholarship, education and research in medicine. Today LKCMedicine remains Imperial's largest international collaboration, and our only international joint undergraduate award.

Our joint success has been due in large part to the commitment of both NTU and Imperial to a fully collaborative approach to our unique transnational medical programme. Though many institutions have been successful in the operation of branch campuses and franchises, the model at LKCMedicine – a partnership model – is better suited to the needs both of NTU and Imperial. Through the collaborative working of leading academics based at two world-class institutions, we have designed an innovative curriculum, rooted in a long history of educating doctors in London, but tailored to Singapore's specific needs. At Imperial, the experience we have gained in developing this new programme with NTU will contribute to the ongoing development of our existing medical programme, bringing tangible benefit to our London-based students. 

With LKCMedicine soon to conclude its second successful year of educating Singapore's next generation of doctors, we in the London Office are proud of the role we play in a partnership which has flourished across opposite sides of world. 

As Singapore celebrates its 50th National Day this year, an opportunity to celebrate all that has been achieved in Singapore in such a short space of time, we can feel rightly optimistic of a bright future ahead for LKCMedicine, and proud of our innovative collaboration.

We have recently re-launched our Faculty of Medicine website, and have taken the opportunity to refresh our LKCMedicine webpages with more information on our partnership. Click here to view.