Issue 90, September 2010
Bintan beckons
Alumni enjoy an idyllic weekend on the charming Indonesian isle.

Bintan, the glorious tropical island of Indonesia, was a weekend getaway for some 30 alumni travellers. Just an hour’s ferry ride from Singapore, the island’s pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters provided a change to the many Singaporeans accustomed to modern city living.

The eager travellers made their escape to the Bintan Lagoon resort, taking off on a Saturday morning from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. All participants had gathered there for their ride.

Reptile surprise
Surprises were in store for our alumni travellers the minute they arrived on the island.

Treated to a mangrove tour, they were brought to the island’s reptile farms where they caught glimpses of crocodiles and snakes of varying species.

The surprising item on their Bintan itinerary was an eye-opener for many. Photographs were taken, albeit with the reptiles at a safe distance, so they have something to show off for their reptile encounter.

Bintan tan and more
Soon after their return from the mangrove tour, the alumni gathered for lunch. And what a hearty one they had!

Too full to budge, they took the chance to while away time at the swimming pool, some with a good book in hand. There were those who had a go at the water sport activities, tempted as they were by the inviting water.

Others who were more adventurous were seen heading to the sandy beach. They were planning on getting a good tan and were certainly not disappointed.

There were also some who preferred to avoid the sun, “hiding” indoor and enjoying a relaxing spa indulgence instead.

Indonesian indulgence
What’s an island getaway without an exclusive buffet dinner on the beach?

Specially arranged for the alumni, the buffet turned out to be a sumptuous spread of delightful seafood, prepared Indonesian-style.

Needless to say the food was good. But, the company was even better and the ambience, perfect.

When it came time to part ways the next day, our alumni had made new friends. They checked out by Sunday noon time, with many exchanging contact numbers and promising to meet up again.

The NTU Alumni Bintan Getaway was held from 21 to 22 August. It was the first such travel organised by the university’s Alumni Affairs Office.

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