June 2016 | Issue 24
Learning to be future ready

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By Nicole Lim

The LKCMedicine Editor


Most of us focus more on what we learn rather than how we learn. But how we learn is the focus of this issue of The LKCMedicine because it underpins and shapes life-long habits. In the ever-changing world of medicine, graduates need to be equipped with a spirit of inquiry and commitment to continuous learning. Those are skills that we aim to impart through how we teach.

Also in this issue, we hear from three medical students who had the chance to create their own lab equipment from every day household items as part of a university-wide research programme, called the Undergraduate Research on Campus (URECA) programme.

The issue comes complete with the latest news (Acting Minister for Education [Higher Education & Skills] paid LKCMedicine a visit recently) and happenings from our student community (Peanut Butter & Jam, the House Cup and more).

For our students, it’s knuckle down time for the year-end finals and we wish them good luck!

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