June 2016 | Issue 24
House Cup: Marie Curie House claims title in final showdown

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By Simon Ong

Class of 2019


The final instalment of the year-long Inter-House Championship was Inter-House Remix, held on 4 May. The event pitted one House against another across a range of artistic disciplines. The challenges included elements of singing, dancing, acting, drawing and modelling. Going into the final event, Alexander Fleming House was in the lead with Wu-Lien Teh and Marie Curie close behind. With everything still to play for, it was a showdown event!

The highlights of this event were definitely the dancing and modelling. It was very heartening to see entire Houses come together to put on highly entertaining dance performances, and fascinating to discover the hidden fashionistas in each House. The atmosphere was full of good cheer and all the participants had a great time.

Ultimately, Marie Curie House proved to be the superstars of this event, emerging out front and earning themselves enough points to unseat both Alexander Fleming and Wu Lien Teh to clinch the AY2015/16 Inter-House Championship trophy.

Marie Curie’s Year 1 House Representative Madeleine Cheng had this to say about their victory, “One of the best things about the whole Inter-House Games was that it gave us an opportunity to get together as a House, do things out of our comfort zone and have fun. Honestly, we didn't expect to win because we were lagging pretty far behind and our priority was just to participate and enjoy ourselves during the event.

“Curie is a vibrant House full of energy and I think ultimately what led to our victory was the combined efforts of the very talented individuals in the different domains – sports, arts, trivia – and our bonds as one wolf pack, one House!

“Special thanks to our House Tutors for being so game throughout this Inter-House season, taking time off to join our activities, encouraging us and even helping to plan our informal House gatherings.”

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