December 2015 | Issue 21
Singapore faculty visit London to complete Year 4 curriculum

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Dr James Stratford-Martin
Curriculum Development Lead

As the end of the year draws to a close, we add yet another milestone to the month of December, with the completion of the Year 4 curriculum. On behalf of the team, I would like to say thank you to all the academics, clinicians and administrators who have worked tirelessly to create such a fantastic programme.

In November, we welcomed clinical posting and vertical course leads to London for a series of site visits and meetings with Imperial clinician educators, and a medical education conference. It was wonderful to see longstanding colleagues from Singapore as well as some new members of LKCMedicine.

Curriculum-Year4 1.jpg
The two faculty teams from Imperial and LKCMedicine get together in London to finalise the Year 4 curriculum

The week began with introductions from Imperial’s new Vice-Dean for Education at the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Desmond Johnston, and Head of the Imperial College Medical School (ICMS), Mr Martin Lupton. We learned about the history of the London medical schools, which joined 18 years ago to form ICMS and the new curriculum development direction being pursued by the London School. Clear parallels with the development of the LKCMedicine curriculum were shown and, I think, all present at the meeting were keen to continue to strengthen collaboration between the two Schools.

The visit continued with eye-opening site tours of ICMS’s core teaching hospitals – Chelsea and Westminster, Charing Cross and West Middlesex. We saw a patient cinema for long-stay paediatric patients, final year simulation training using an interactive manikin and listened to a fantastic presentation by West Middlesex Emergency Medicine Consultant and Deputy Director of Clinical Studies Dr Zul Mirza, who described the challenges and opportunities for teaching and training in emergency medicine. Mid-week, LKCMedicine faculty met their Imperial counterparts to share experiences of clinical training in their respective contexts as well as the core curriculum team for Year 4 – Vice-Dean for Education Associate Professor Naomi Low-Beer, Assistant Dean for Year 4 and Family Medicine Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee and me.

Curriculum-Year4 2.jpgCurriculum-Year4 3.jpg
The LKCMedicine team visits Imperial's core teaching hospitals - Chelsea and Westminster, Charing Cross and West Middlesex

In addition, the visiting team attended an Imperial medical education conference on Transitions with LKCMedicine Assistant Dean for Course Evaluation and Deputy Director of Medical Education Research and Scholarship Unit Dr Sandra Kemp presenting her research in this field and Assoc Prof Wong joining the panel discussion.

Feedback from both Imperial and LKCMedicine faculty was very positive and we would like to thank everyone involved in the visit for making it such a great success. The London Office team is looking forward to our visit to Singapore in January 2016, when we will be accompanied by Head of Year 3 at Imperial Dr Sarvesh Saini.

For now, it just remains for me to wish everyone a very enjoyable festive season.