October 2018 | Issue 38
Project Isip


By Louise Lo Woon Theng, Class of 2022

From July 8-13, a group of eight Year 1 and Year 2 students went to Bacolod and Bago City in the Philippines to collaborate with the University of St La Salle (USLS). Deducting time for travel, only three days were left to spend in Purok Calubay, Bago City, to carry out various initiatives with USLS nursing students. We conducted home visits where we took the opportunity to build rapport with Purok Calubay residents to find out more about their health, and assist in taking their vital signs. 

We also conducted a CPR and Foreign Body Airway Obstruction class for the leaders of the community along with USLS nursing students. The residents also had the opportunity to practise their newly learnt skills on mannequins. 

To further promote a healthy lifestyle, we conducted stretching exercises and a Zumba class for the residents. We then conducted a cooking demonstration using green beans and vegetables familiar to the community to make vegetarian burgers and stir-fry vegetables. The recipes used less oil and salt, with no added sugar and most of the flavour came from natural ingredients. 

Concurrently, we also held a dental health class for the children. This was in view of the health screening results that we collected from our previous trip that indicated hypertension, diabetes and dental health as common health problems in Purok Calubay. 

Overall, this has been an extremely fulfilling trip and we look forward to collaborating with the University of St La Salle again. 

USLS with LKCMedicine.png