January 2017, Issue 85


From invisibility to e-visibility - an E-book Gallery

Hazel Loh, NTU Libraries

Having difficulties locating e-books that the Library has bought or subscribed to?  The Library has a rich collection of more than 800,000 e-books in various subjects for faculty, students and staff to access.  In order to make our largely invisible e-book collections more discoverable, an e-book gallery was conceptualized and developed by Library with support from CITS.  The service is integrated with several data sources to provide a constant streaming of thematically displayed e-book covers based on 4 broad subject categories, namely Science & Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences, Art, Design & Media, and Business.   

To select and access an e-book, users have the choice of (a) browsing the scrolling images on the screen, (b) clicking a subject category to display the full list of titles available or (c) do a simple title search. 

Access to read an e-book is authenticated  via their respective NTU network account.

Accessing the e-book gallery

  1. Using Computer, laptop, smart tablets
  2. The gallery can be easily accessed on any browser at https://researchcommons.ntu.edu.sg/ntu_library/bookgallery/#/e-book-gallery


  3. Using Mobile app
  4. In addition, an app on Android is available. The app “NTU E-book Gallery” was developed on version 5.0.2 and is available for download at Google Play store.

    1. Display on mobile phone

    3. Tap on the subject category to display the full list of titles available

    4. Display details of a title with link to read the full text.

Next Step

The team is in the process of getting the IOS app version published. 

Do look out for more news updates!