June 2017 | Issue 30


William Osler House clinches LKCMedicine House Cup trophy

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By Grace Ang, Senior Executive, Communications & External Relations

​After five months and three competitions, it was a final moment of sheer brilliance by William Osler House that clinched the coveted LKCMedicine House Cup 2017 trophy, beating the rival four Houses.
The House Representatives of this self-professed laidback and easy-going House were surprised at their victory. Summing up the championship, William Osler House Representative and Year 2 student Dominic Tan said, “Oslerians and their House Tutors sweated it out at Sports, put their brains together at Unsports and gave a great dance battle at Mania. Any of the Houses could have emerged victorious at the final event, but I am proud to say that it was the team spirit and continued support of every Oslerian that eventually led us to become champions.”
Each year, the five Houses, which are named after esteemed luminaries in the world of science and medicine – Alexander Fleming, Lim Boon Keng, Marie Curie, William Osler and Wu Lien-Teh – challenge each other in friendly competition for the House Cup. The championship encourages inclusiveness and creativity, and forges many unforgettable memories and firm friendships, even as the students fight fiercely to win points.
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The Houses battle it out on the field to test their strength at frisbee
The championship got off to a competitive start with Inter-House Sports in November 2016. Congregating on a sunny day, the five Houses sent forth their most athletic, agile and brawny members to the fields of NTU to battle it out. Lim Boon Keng’s athletes showed their mettle, besting the other Houses in matches of football, frisbee, dodgeball and captain’s ball to claim first place, eight points clear of the nearest runners-up.
Languishing in fourth place, things didn’t look promising for William Osler. But, lady luck was on their side during the next clash, Inter-House Unsports. Pitting their wits against one another in Mario Kart, Pictionary and the trivia game Quiz​Up, Lim Boon Keng’s brawns could do nothing but look on as the Oslerian brains stormed past, dashing their hopes of maintaining an early lead!
Even with this turn of fortune, the Cup was still anyone’s to claim when the Houses met for the final instalment of the championship on 22 March this year. Inter-House Mania challenged the Houses to master the art of popular gameshows, with rounds featuring “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, “Lip Sync Battle” and “Minute to Win It”-inspired games.
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Just like the gameshow, the Houses test their musical and lyrical knowledge in Don't Forget the Lyrics
With Lim Boon Keng just four points adrift, William Osler felt the heat throughout the competition. It all came down to the last game: “Dance Battle”. After drawing lots to pick a music video, students had 20 minutes to choreograph a stylish or comical dance routine before performing in front of their House Tutors, who were asked to set aside their loyalties and judge the performances based on creativity and entertainment.
William Osler House Representative and Year 1 student Koh Jin Kiat said, “My housemates displayed an amazing amount of enthusiasm and revealed their charisma, steering us to the top of the ladder to success and victory!”
William Osler House won the House Cup outright for the first time in the House’s history!
William Osler House Tutor Dr Mary Lim, who supported the students throughout, said, “It was a joy to see the young people display such high standards in all of these team endeavours. The William Osler House is honoured to have won the Cup this year, but most of all, we are privileged to be part of these events which have helped foster stronger bonds and friendships within the whole faculty!”
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Oslerians proudly pose with the coveted House Cup 2017!