Issue 94, January 2011
Community spirit
Vietnamese alumni living and working in Singapore embrace a strong sense of community at a get-together held in their honour.

Some came to the NTU Vietnamese Alumni Get-together with flatmates, while others came with partners, siblings and friends in tow.

As they gathered at Velvet Underground Zouk, the venue where the event was held, many greeted each other warmly, in Vietnamese, of course. Chào các anh!

As many as 127 alumni, students and staff turned up at the get-together, held on Saturday 15 January. Organised by the International Undergraduate Committee-Vietnam (IUC-Vietnam), it is its third one held so far since it was first held in 2009.

"The NTU Vietnamese alumni community here in Singapore is small and we tend to know one another,” said Ms Tran Le Huong Quynh (SCE/Class of 2008).

The 25-year-old came with her boyfriend and four of her flatmates, all of whom are NTU Vietnamese alumni.

Ms Tran met at least 20 of her Vietnamese friends. She said: “The NTU Vietnamese Alumni Get-together has given me a chance to link up with many of the friends who graduated from the same school and batch as I."

Welcoming all in his opening remarks, Mr Tran Minh Phuong, President, IUC-Vietnam, got the event off to a good start. Mr Tran also urged his fellow countrymen to keep in touch with each other and with NTU's Alumni Affairs Office.

Guest-of-Honour Mr Soon Min Yam, Director, Alumni Affairs, NTU, highlighted in his welcome address that the University’s Vietnamese alumni account for nearly 1 per cent of its total alumni population of more than 145,000 worldwide.

Mr Tran Bao Duy, who graduated in 2007 from the School of Computer Engineering, shared at the get-together that he was thankful for the opportunity to study in Singapore. He took up the ASEAN scholarship along with a government grant.

“I am not from a well-to-do family so the scholarship came in handy. Although I have completed serving my three-year bond, I decided to stay on in Singapore and continue with my work,” said Mr Tran. The 25-year-old is an IT specialist at IBM.

The get-together also saw attendants being treated to a love ballad, Mong Anh Ve, performed in a heartfelt rendition by NTU’s Vientamese student Trun Diem Bao Chan. 

A game of charade was also played and a few fortunate alumni walked away with lucky draw prizes.

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