June 2015 | Issue 18


Dear Diary

​By Edwin Chew
Class of 2019

30 April 2015:
​One of the most anticipated student events of the year took place today - Peanut Butter and Jam! A musical extravaganza featuring student performances, it was an evening of action, laughter and fun as we watched the fantastic line-up of programmes. My favourite items included a stylized combination of hip-hop and contemporary dance, as well as a stand-up comedy routine that left me in stitches! Great job guys!

dance fusion, peanut butter and jam (Custom).jpg

9 May 2015:

It was a pleasure taking part in the LKCMedicine High Tea today as a student volunteer. Exactly one year ago, I made the monumental decision to accept my offer after attending this event. How time flies! Listening to the prospective students' concerns and their motivations for studying medicine was particularly interesting, as it reminded me of my own reasons for doing so.

Over time, I've learned from various doctors that whenever the going gets tough, it is always helpful to remember why you wanted to study medicine in the first place. It was a great piece of advice, which was brought up at today's session once again. It was an enjoyable Saturday afternoon interacting with two prospective students and their families, and I certainly hope to see them again!​

13 May 2015:
Laboratory practicals are a part of school that I really look forward to, as we get to try out cool experiments! Today's practical was about electromyography, a diagnostic medical technique that involves sending electrical signals into a muscle to assess its function. I was quite nervous when my turn came, as I once had a bad experience with an electric shock after touching a switch with wet hands! Fortunately, the discomfort caused by the procedure was less than I expected. I guess you could say that it was … an electrifying experience!

Electromyography practical (Custom).jpg 

18 May 2015:
​We had our Clinical Encounter session for the Musculoskeletal and Skin block today. The patient invited to speak to us was an amputee who had unfortunately lost his leg due to a road traffic accident. He is doing very well now, and the use of a prosthetic has given him a new lease of life! Hearing about how medicine and technology was able to turn his life around really inspires me. I'm grateful for sessions like these as they provide us with insight into patients' lives, which allows us to better understand the obstacles they face and how they cope. 

On a side note, the NTU Campus compound has been rather quiet lately, as students from other courses are currently on vacation. While we might have a longer academic year, I am not complaining because this means that there are more vacant seats in the library for us! The extra space comes in handy, as my classmates and I prepare for our final year examinations. 

20 May 2015:​
I had a lot of fun today filming a video with some of my peers! This video was created for the opening ceremony of IntroDOCtion 2015 – the freshman orientation camp (FOC). I've been working on publicising the camp over the past few months, so that we can get our juniors excited about their entry into LKCMedicine! 

This is our last production for the year, and as with all our previous ones, I am both excited about its release and yet apprehensive about how it will be received. Hopefully, it will entertain our juniors-to-be during the first day of camp. Can't wait! ​​​​

Filming (Custom).JPG 

​22 May 2015:
Today we had one of our Professionalism, Ethics, Law, Leadership and Patient Safety (PELLS) Team-Based Learning (TBL) sessions. I enjoy these sessions because they are usually very thought provoking, and questions found on our Application Exercises often have more than a single correct answer – it all depends on whether we are able to justify our answers. Today's session was regarding patient autonomy and making informed medical decisions. Our discussions involved very real situations that frequently happen in medical practice, and I'm now clearer as to how to approach these issues.

With our summative examination just a month away, I have also been feeling a little stressed from all that studying. Exercise is a great stress buster, which is why I frequently go running around the campus with some of my friends after school. We were feeling a little adventurous today, and ran to places in the vicinity of NTU where we haven't been to before. Perhaps I should try to fully explore this place before I graduate!  ​

Running and exploring NTU 1 (Custom).jpgRunning and exploring NTU 2 (Custom).jpg