Issue 90, September 2010
Learn all about algorithmic trading
You can at the newly established NTU-SGX Centre for Financial Education. Seats for the inaugural course are limited – apply by 3 October.

Aspire to be an algorithmic trader or portfolio manager? Or, are you already an aspiring independent trader looking to start an algorithmic trading business? Perhaps you are a regulator, auditor, or risk manager keen to have a good understanding of algorithmic trading?

We have just the training for you. Algorithmic Trading Course – Module 1, offered by the NTU-SGX Centre for Financial Education, is open to all participants. You do not need specific technical or quantitative expertise to join the course.

Algorithmic Trading Course – Module 1: Course Outline
  • Comprehensive overview of algorithmic trading including elements of algorithm design  Infrastructure and the different types of algorithmic trading employed in the market
  • Risk associated with algorithmic trading and how to mitigate them
  • New development and future trends
  • Exploration of algorithmic trading strategies through hands-on sessions at trading terminals set up for each participant

Members of the NTU Community will enjoy a special rate of S$3,900 exclusive of 7% GST. MAS funding of up to 70% is available.

Apply Now
Visit our website to register online. Registration closes on 3 October 2010.

For further information, please contact Michelle Chah or Ahneesah Omar at Tel: 6790 5736/6078 or email them.

Look out for Module 2 and 3 to be launched in November 2010. You will acquire essential programming knowledge to convert your trading ideas into implementable computer codes. You will also obtain valuable hands-on experience to design and implement more complex trading strategies.

About Algorithmic Trading
Algorithmic trading is the process where ideas are turned into mathematical models and then coded into computer programs for systematic trading. It is a science where investment, trading, mathematics and computers sciences meet. The computer algorithms are designed based on the historical performance of the strategy back-tested against historical data. The Algorithmic Trading Course consists of three modules to equip course participants with relevant skills and algorithmic trading.

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