October 2011, Issue 22

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Issuance of Network Account to New Faculty/Staff Goes Paperless

Teng-Toh Lay Khim

In August 2011, a new paperless process was implemented by the Office of Human Resources (OHR) and Centre for IT Services (CITS) for the purpose of issuing network account information to new NTU faculty/staff.

Each new NTU faculty/staff is given a network account for accessing NTU email, network, Intranet portal and other eServices.

In the past, a paper form containing the network account information was printed from an application system and delivered in a sealed envelope to OHR prior to the new faculty/staff reporting for work. The envelope would then be handed to the faculty/staff on their first day of reporting for work at OHR. The new faculty/staff would have to acknowledge on the paper form and return it to CITS (via internal mail or by hand) for filing.

An idea was mooted by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to use electronic means to replace the paper form process. This is in line with CITS’ 3P-Less initiative (Print-Less, Paper-Less and Pay-Less) to support the University’s Sustainable Earth thrust under the Five Peaks of Excellence, as well as to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The new paperless process was then established to achieve this goal:

  • On the first day of work, OHR will inform the new faculty/staff that a network account will be issued to him/her.
  • The new faculty/staff will then login an online form using his/her credentials. Upon successful authentication, the online form will display his/her network account information.
  • An acknowledgement email will then be sent to the faculty/staff’s NTU mailbox with information on the NTU rules for using staff network account. The faculty/staff has to acknowledge via online the receipt of the account before he/she is allowed to access NTU eServices such as Salary Enquiry, Leave Application, etc.

Positive feedback has been received for this new paperless process since its implementation.