June 2018 | Issue 36


Welcome to the Class of 2023

NG DING YI_cropped.jpgBy Ng Ding Yi, Class of 2022 and Freshmen Orientation Programme Chair 

IntroDOCtion was established in 2013 by the inaugural batch of LKCMedicine students – the Class of 2018 – to usher in new freshmen into the LKCMedicine family. Since then, this tradition has been carried through the years as part of our Freshmen Orientation Programme.

The Orientation Programme committee is proud to present this year’s IntroDOCtion camp titled Coelestia – Latin for beings who strive for the stars, implying the notion of the relentless pursuit of excellence.  From 23 to 26 July 2018, the camp will be held on both the Novena and NTU campuses where the freshmen will be introduced to their school compound for the next five years. The camp will not only be filled with entertaining games and tasks for our freshmen but also opportunities to get to know their batchmates and an introduction to the support system that LKCMedicine offers.
We look forward to seeing generations of LKCMedicine students congregating with the new additions to our family.

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