Issue 149, August 2015
Visiting historical Malacca
​​NTU alumni and their families explore the heritage-rich state of Malacca and enjoy a durian feast during a weekend getaway

Some 157 alumni together with their families and friends travelled across the causeway to Malacca during a two-day one-night trip organised by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office. Whilst learning more about the history of Malacca, they also visited farms and factories and enjoyed a sumptuous durian feast.

The trip started off with the first stop at a durian plantation where the participants had their lunch and feasted on a free flow of fresh durians from the plantation. This was followed by a visit to a rubber plantation, where they saw first-hand, how latex is harvested from the rubber trees. In the oil palm plantation, alumni learnt how palm oil is used in different food production processes. Malaysia is in fact one of the world’s largest palm oil producers and exporters.

The participants also tried their hands on weaving and made their own small baskets to bring home as a souvenir. They also learnt how locals make ketupats – a woven palm leaf pouch containing a rice dumpling. The final item on the first day’s itinerary was a visit to the well-known Jonker Street night market where the alumni spent some time exploring shops and eateries along the street.

Kampung Morten and Villa Sentosa were the first places the participants visited on the second day. These heritage sites, built in the 1920s, are also known as living museums containing a varied collection of historical artefacts.

The final visits during this trip included a Bee Museum which showcases some 250 types of specimen bee hives and hornet nests, and a dodol factory where the participants saw how dodol is made. Dodol is a sweet toffee-like confection which is made with coconut milk, jiggery and rice flour.

The tour ended with a visit to the Aborigines Museum which is a replica of a native house generally found in Malaysia and built based on the architecture adapted from the common Aborigines house in Malaysia. It showcases ​the daily appliances and materials used by the natives.

The exclusive trip for NTU alumni and their families was held from 25 to 26 July 2015.​

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