June 2014 | ISSUE 12
Roof-top gem

Small but mighty is the motto of LKCMedicine’s Library. But the 24/7 open library, which already has more than 4,000 high-impact medical journals and 3,000 e-books all accessible via iPad, will soon have to come up with a new motto, when it moves into its permanent home at the top of the Clinical Sciences Building in 2016.

Taking over the whole of the 20th floor, the library is slated to boost its collection to 30,000 books, including unique collections on Medical Humanities, Medical Art Digital Prints and audio-visual collections, as well as anatomical model displays.

The upcoming Clinical Sciences Building will house the new permanent Medical Library on the 20th floor

Seating capacity will also be significantly expanded to more than 220 divided into four conceptual spaces – Sanctuary, Collaboration, Community and Interaction.

The Sanctuary Space is a traditional library space to aid quiet contemplation. The Collaborative Space is a learning commons with clustered seating to enable students to work in groups. The Community Space will be where exhibitions, events and other activities are held. The Interaction Space is where library visitors can easily interact with resources, librarians, instructors and each other to enhance their knowledge discovery journeys.

The library will be significantly expanded to have a seating capacity of more than 220

Though these spaces each have unique purposes, they do not have strongly defined physical boundaries. Instead, they are designed to flow and inter-mingle, enabling library users to fully engage with the physical spaces as they embark on their intellectual pursuits.

These spaces will therefore feature communal areas – including a resource discovery space, seminar rooms, team pods, as well as a café and roof garden – to allow students, faculty, researchers and clinicians to gather and build a strong sense of community.

The permanent library will feature communal areas including a café

“Our hope is that people will find the library an inspiring sanctuary where they can dream of possibilities,” said Medical Librarian Maggie Yin.