February 2015 | ISSUE 16
Powering into Phase 2

James Stratford Martin.jpg



By Dr James Stratford-Martin
Curriculum Development Lead


After the brief winter break, all of us in the London Office have returned with batteries recharged, energised for what will be a busy 2015.

Great progress continues to be made finalising the Year 3 curriculum. Assistant Dean for Phase 2 & 3 Associate Professor Tham Kum Ying and clinical posting leads for Year 3 are meeting regularly with the team in London to ensure full alignment of timetables, learning materials, assessment and evaluation well in advance of the current cohort entering the clinical years of the MBBS programme.

To enhance our collaboration, we look forward to welcoming LKCMedicine Year 3 leads to meet their counterparts at Imperial’s Faculty of Medicine in March 2015. The visit will help to further integrate the two schools and we hope that both groups will be inspired by innovations in Singapore and London.

This month, members of the London team visited Singapore. We were honoured to join the launch of LKCMedicine’s Medical Education Research and Scholarship Unit (MERSU). MERSU Director Associate Professor Katharine Boursicot is well known internationally for her pioneering work on assessment.

We also attended the 12th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference which always inspires us to explore new and exciting ways of teaching and learning whilst reminding us to continually question, analyse and optimise existing methods.

2015 marks the beginning of a new phaseof LKCMedicine’s development as a School and whilst there will always be an element of anxiety when embarking on a new course, we do so with great confidence knowing our students will be immersed in first-class healthcare facilities and guided by some of the finest clinical educators in Singapore.

On behalf of all of us from the London Office, I would like to wish everyone Happy Lunar New Year.