December 2012 | ISSUE 3
Introducing the New Medical Library

By Caroline Pang

As a Librarian, one should be so lucky as to be given a chance to build one library from scratch, but to build two in five years is a rare opportunity!  We will be building an interim library in Novena Campus, housed in our temporary office, readying it for the first intake of students in Aug 2013.  Concurrently, discussions have started on the design of the Clinical Sciences Building library.  Both libraries will be built on novel definitions of library space design concepts.  Though the interim library will be too small to bring the full vision to fruition, it will still contain some core elements. 

Essentially, there are four design elements underpinning the planning of library space.  A Sanctuary space will be built to aid quiet contemplation.  A Collaborative space will enable students to work in groups.  A Community space where exhibitions, events and other activities can be organised to broaden horizons and build a strong sense of community.  An Interaction space where students/users can easily interact with resources, librarians, instructors, and each other in order to enhance their knowledge discovery journeys will also be made available. 

These spaces do not necessarily have strongly defined physical boundaries, but they blend and flow into each other, providing our patrons with an immersive and memorable experience of learning in a variety of ways, using a variety of library resources.

With these guiding principles, we can look forward to having an innovative and unique library.