Issue 117, December 2012
Making your own ice-cream
NTU alumni and their families enjoy an ice-cream making workshop and an ice-cream buffet

Alumni were taught two different ways of making ice-cream at this workshop. The first was the traditional method of ice-cream making, with milk, cream and ice. The other was with an ice-cream making machine.

Alumni also learnt about the origin of ice-cream. Not many knew where ice-cream originated from. Many guessed Europe to be the country of origin but ice-cream actually came from China. 

After the workshop, participants enjoyed a free flow of ice-cream and waffles.

Ms Liu Yajuan (CEE/2006), who came with her son to the workshop, said: “It’s good that my son could attend this workshop. He is interested in making ice-cream and has tried before to make it at home.”

Organised by the Alumni Affairs Office, a total of 17 alumni and their families attended the NTU Alumni Christmas Ice-Cream Making Workshop cum Buffet, held on 15 December.

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