April 2013|ISSUE 5
LKCMedicine House System

A comprehensive House System at LKCMedicine has been set up with the aim of giving students maximum opportunity to succeed in the MBBS programme. Individual students will be allocated personal Tutors for guidance and mentorship.

Students are assigned to one of five houses at the start of their studies and remain in the same House throughout their period of study at LKCMedicine. Also, students can discuss their wellbeing and academic progress with House Tutors, while building relationships with fellow students in the same House.

The five LKCMedicine houses are named after famous historical figures who have impacted the history and profession of medicine such as Lim Boon Keng, Alexander Fleming, Marie Curie, Wu Lien-Teh and William Osler, so as to inspire students in their chosen profession.

Each house will have one Senior Tutor and two Tutors. The Tutors came from various backgrounds such as a hospital-based clinicians, family physicians and scientists. Students and their Tutors will meet regularly as a group and also in one-on-one meetings between each student and their allocated House Tutor.

Tutors will guide students to develop their understanding of higher education, the curriculum and the demands of the medical profession as well as mentor the students on academic, personal and professional goals.

House Tutors and Senior House Tutors will meet for the first time in July 2013 when they have their first training and networking meeting prior to the arrival of the first cohort of LKCMedicine students on 5 August 2013.