August 2018 | Issue 37
Imperial: Did you know?

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by Mike Barrett, Head of Learning Resources, Imperial College School of Medicine; and Senior Lecturer, Department of Medicine

Invisibility Cloak
You saw cloaking devices in the movies such as Star Trek and Harry Potter, but in 2006 Professor Sir John Pendry FRS, Chair in Theoretical Solid State Physics, came up with the idea of how to bend light around an object which effectively makes the object invisible.

Royal School of Mines
In the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service, Harry Hart (Colin Firth) confronts Professor James Arnold (Mark Hamill) at Imperial, which results in an explosion in the Royal School of Mines. The building also appears in The Ipcress File (1965), featuring Michael Caine.

The Queen’s TowerImperial_1 (Custom).jpg
Built in 1887 to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, it was originally devised as a central feature of the Imperial Institute which was later taken up by the University of London. Functionally it housed the Institute’s water tank, and a belfry with 10 bells – rung for special occasions. Tours are by appointment only.

Fleming Discovered Penicillin
This momentous discovery that took place at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in 1928 is commemorated by a wall plaque, and this original laboratory in the hospital wing is kept as a museum. 

Imperial Fringe
Fun for the public with some unexpected sides of science occur at this free evening of discovery. Our scientists and their groundbreaking research take a break from the lab for a night of hands-on demos, crafty workshops, interactive experiments and inspiring talks for all ages to enjoy.

ICSM RAG (Raising and Giving)
Students undertake a huge range of extracurricular activities and the most fun for the most people being the ICSM RAG, which annually raises lots of money for charitable causes.

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The School of Medicine Faculty Education Office
FEO Cookbook
Office staff and faculty members contributed recipes and we all have fun trying to follow them! In my case, the outcome is never like the photograph in the book. Sale proceeds of the book go towards the Days for Girls charity, specifically to provide sustainable female hygiene kits for distribution in Nepal.

Mala Mawkin (ICSM Student Blogger), Alex Compton & Rhys Smith (previous and current ICSM Student
Union Sabbatical Presidents), Roxana Hughes (Collaborative Partnerships Administrator, School of Medicine) and Anne Barrett (College Archivist)