June 2014 | ISSUE 12
LKCMedicine develops roadmap to deliver Future Healthcare

As the newest medical school in Singapore, LKCMedicine plays an important role in contributing to NTU’s strategic plan to become a great global university, particularly in pursuit of excellence in “Future Healthcare”.

Future Healthcare is one of five Peaks of Excellence identified by NTU in its five-year strategic plan NTU 2015 which was introduced in 2010.  The other Peaks are Sustainable Earth, New Media, New Silk Road and Innovation Asia.

As 2015 approaches, NTU initiated a strategic planning process with all its Colleges, Schools and Research Institutions to review the implementation of NTU 2015 and to develop the University’s strategic plans up to 2020.

In line with this, LKCMedicine embarked on its own journey to develop its plans to deliver excellence in Future Healthcare.

Since Aug 2013, the Planning & Administration Branch worked in close consultation with the School’s Management to develop LKCMedicine’s planning framework and held several meetings and retreats with the various divisions within the School to deliberate its future roadmap.

The School’s strategic planning exercise officially started on 6 February 2014 with a Kick-Off Meeting, attended by the School’s Management, Assistant Deans and Directors to apprise them of the planning framework and to brainstorm and identify key success measures and drivers for the School.

From left to right: Participants at the Education Workgroup Retreat were divided into two groups to discuss issues that will shape our education strategies for the coming years; attendees at the Research Workgroup Retreat discussed the research strategy, strategic partnerships and ways to attract high quality post-doctoral fellows and post-graduate students to LKCMedicine

Following this, three separate retreats were held for the Education, Corporate Affairs and Research Divisions between March and May.  At these retreats, the Divisions discussed their future direction in greater detail. Topics like strategic partnerships, research strategies and administration excellence were also discussed.

Many valuable inputs were gathered from these retreats; they will be collated and incorporated into the LKCMedicine’s strategic plans, in consultation with the School’s Management. The plan will serve as the blueprint for the School up till 2020 in achieving its vision of “Redefining Medicine, Transforming Healthcare”.