October 2018 | Issue 38
LKCMedicine’s Sharing Session for Parents attracts strong turnout

With LKCMedicine's pioneer graduates already working as full-fledged doctors in the hospitals across Singapore, this year's Sharing Session for Parents held on Saturday, September 8, received overwhelming response. Many parents of aspiring medical students who were keen to take a peek into the School's cutting-edge learning facilities and to learn about the School's offerings headed to LKCMedicine's Novena campus for the event.

Held at the Ong Tiong Tat & Irene Tan Liang Kheng Auditorium, the sharing session which was attended by some 200 guests kicked off with LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer welcoming the guests, and giving an overview of LKCMedicine's world-class medical curriculum and innovative pedagogy. Addressing the audience, Prof Low-Beer spoke about how the partnership between Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Imperial College London led to the formation of a forward-thinking, innovative medical school that trains doctors for tomorrow.

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LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer shares with the audience about the School's world-class medical curriculum and pedagogy

Next, Class of 2020 students Yap Hong Wei and Amanda Chia gave the parents a glimpse into the dynamic student life at LKCMedicine, as they talked about the many exciting and enriching activities that students can participate in. Ranging from house activities and clinical attachments, to international medical education conferences, there are myriad opportunities for students to pursue their interests not only in medical studies, but also in giving back to less-privileged communities, here in Singapore and overseas.

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Class of 2020 students Yap Hong Wei and Amanda Chia share their experiences as medical students to the parents

Following the presentations, a lively Q&A session ensued, in which the audience could now ask the faculty and students questions about LKCMedicine. Chaired by LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Year 4 & Family Medicine Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee, the panel, which comprised Vice-Deans and Assistant Deans addressed a range of questions including ones about the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT), Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) and opportunities for LKCMedicine students after graduation.

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LKCMedicine Vice-Deans and Assistant Deans answer burning questions from the parents

In addition to the sharing session, LKCMedicine also organised guided tours for parents to view the learning facilities and student recreational facilities housed within Clinical Sciences Building (CSB). Highlights of the tour included mini Team-Based Learning sessions at the Learning Studio; suturing and venepuncture demonstrations at the Practical Skills Lab; a sneak peek into the facilities at the Communications Suite; and ultrasound demonstrations and viewing of plastinated specimens at the Anatomy Learning Centre.

The sharing session is part of LKCMedicine's many outreach initiatives, which offer parents, teachers, and prospective students insight into the unique learning and student life at LKCMedicine.

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Faculty and students give a glimpse into the many teaching facilities during the tour

LKCMedicine engages teachers 

On September 12, LKCMedicine also invited teachers and Educational Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellors from various junior colleges, polytechnics and institutions across Singapore to a tea session, in which LKCMedicine Assistant Dean for Admissions Assoc Prof Kwek Tong Kiat spoke about the LKCMedicine MBBS curriculum, its innovative pedagogy and the admissions criteria. The visitors also toured the learning spaces in CSB after the session, where they had a close-up view of the technology-enhanced facilities in the Learning Studio, Practical Skills Lab, Communications Suite and Anatomy Learning Centre.