February 2013|ISSUE 4
New Year, New Beginnings

Good news abound as we made our entrance into year 2013! Given that all staff are understandably anxious about our very first admissions exercise in March and the launch of our MBBS programme in August this year, we more than welcome the good tidings that came our way since the close of 2012.

One, it’s confirmed that the building of our new campus facilities are on track, and brand-new facilities will be ready by our first intake in August. We will ramp up building work further in the year to
meet our increasing student numbers. Two, we are firming up our core faculty, peopled by well-established educators, clinicians and research scientists from Singapore and around the world. Our
students will have the chance to be taught by a distinguished global faculty. Alongside this is the ongoing work to recruit Simulated Patients, or actors trained to role-play as patients, to help our students prepare for what lies ahead with real patients. And three, we’ve been further endowed with more good fortune, courtesy of the generous $20 million donation to the School by the Toh Kian Chui Foundation. The funds will support needy students, medical education and research activities at the School.

Meanwhile, we have been running stress tests of the various aspects of our programme to ensure all is a-okay. So this edition of our newsletter is a bumper edition, carrying more news and updates of our preparations leading up to our inaugural academic year. Read on, to find out more.

It’s a new year ringing in new beginnings. And come August, we will be ready.

Siti Rohanah Koid

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