Issue 126, September 2013
Friends for life
Alumni from Classes of 1959 to 1969 gather on campus for a grand reunion celebration

Organised by a group of supportive alumni from the Classes of 1959 to 1969, the grand reunion held at NTU’s Nanyang Auditorium on 31 August attracted more than 250 alumni and guests.

A forum session was included in the reunion event. Participants picked up valuable knowledge on keeping a healthy heart from Ms Wang Xiaolan, a senior physician at NTU’s Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. They learnt more about the kinds of food and lifestyle which are good for the heart. For example, hawthorn berry which is high in vitamin C, could be mixed in water or soup for drinking, benefitting those with hypertension or heart disease.

This reunion celebration was made more significant and extra special as 12 alumni couples from these classes renewed their vows. The renewal of vows ceremony was presided by Justice of the Peace Mr Koh Lian Huat, who is also an alumnus from the Class of 1964.

Alumni couple Y.B Tan Sri Dato' Seri Law Hieng (Commerce/1960) and Mrs Law (Arts/1961) made a special trip from Malaysia to join in the reunion. Mrs Law shared: “We have been happily married since 1964. This renewal of vows ceremony is very heartwarming and meaningful to me. I am also glad to be able to meet so many of my former classmates.”

Guest of Honour, NTU Provost Professor Freddy Boey thanked all the alumni for taking the time to return to campus for the special reunion. “As a university, we cannot receive a greater compliment than having our own alumni here,” he said. “NTU remembers and honours its past even as a forges ahead to rebuild itself into a great global university.” Prof Boey also updated the alumni on NTU’s latest developments and achievements.

Chairman of the reunion organising committee Mr Ang Swee Tian (Commerce/1969), congratulated the alumni couples and thanked the committee members’ and alumni for their contribution and continuous support.

A fundraising initiative was also held in conjunction with the reunion. At the end of the reunion lunch event, more than $700,000 (with government matching) had been raised.

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