October 2016 | Issue 26
Battling it out to colonise Mars

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By Megan Mary John, Class of 2021

I remember anxiously walking to the Experimental Medicine Building on the first day of orientation, amidst the sea of unfamiliar faces. Meeting new people is exciting, yes, but initially it can be rather nerve-wracking. But by the end of the four days, we were no longer strangers and friendships that will last a lifetime were forged.

 freshmen 1.jpg
First day of Freshmen Orientation Camp with the William Osler House mates

The theme for IntroDOCtion 2016 was Vitae, where we competed as different civilisations in our quest to “colonise” Mars. Something new about orientation this year was that our orientation groups were sorted by House, which was great since I knew that I was getting to know people who would stick by me in the long term.

For me, the highlights were hands down Beach and Pool Day, when we literally got down and dirty as we fought hard for our respective Houses. The games were all-inclusive, catering to a variety of strengths and weaknesses. You didn’t need to be fast or sporty to genuinely have a good time, which is what I liked the most. The truest display of House spirit was during cheer fight, when we painted our faces and exhausted our lungs and voices for our Houses.

freshmen 2 (Custom).jpg
William Osler House doing a cheer

My house, Ceres (normally known as William Osler House), won the cheer fight. But really, that’s beside the point. As cheesy as it sounds, every House was spirited and unique in its own way. At the end of it all, we were reminded that we are, most importantly, one big LKCMedicine family.

freshmen 3 (Custom).jpg 

Megan having some splashing fun with her batch mates

Kudos to the M2s who planned and executed the programme and made it so memorable for us, especially our Ceres Orientation Group Leaders, who are some of the most dedicated, caring and generous people. One of the biggest advantages of being in LKCMedicine is that we are a small cohort, and it really is possible to get to know each and every batchmate on a personal level. IntroDOCtion gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals and made it so much easier for me to integrate into the new school environment. This social circle is one that will be with us throughout our lives, well beyond our five years of medical school. I am looking forward to the road ahead, knowing that I am surrounded by wonderful friends whom I have grown to care for and trust.

freshmen 4.jpg 

Concluding day to the Freshmen Orientation Camp 2016