April 2015 | ISSUE 17
Editor's Corner

​​By Nicole Lim​
The LKCMedicine Editor

This issue ​​marks my first anniversary as Editor of The LKCMedicine and what an amazing journey it has been. But this is hardly the start of it. There are so many exciting events ahead of us.

The School's inaugural cohort will soon make their first big transition, exchanging the seminar room for hospital-based teaching and learning opportunities. Our London Office colleagues also tell us more about the first clinical leads exchange meeting in London.

We hear about a recent reconnaissance trip to Sri Lanka as our medical students look to expand their Overseas Community Involvement Projects and Class of 2019 student Siddharth Reddy lets us take a peek into his diary to find out what student life is all about.

We introduce our new scientific directors and find out what role human challenge studies play in the research chain and of course, all the latest news and events.

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Professor Lionel Lee, Executive Vice-Dean (Administration)

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Nicole Lim

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