August 2013|ISSUE 7
Achieving Milestones

By Paul Ratcliffe

5 August 2013 seemed such a long way away when we embarked on this ambitious project. Now that the milestone date has passed, it is fantastic to see that the School has become a reality and is bustling with student activity.

Students are at the very heart of any medical school and LKCMedicine is no exception. An impressive house system has been established to create a friendly, supportive, collegiate atmosphere that will enable students to flourish both academically and personally. I am sure that this environment will help our new students settle in very quickly.

Along with some colleagues from the London Office, I was privileged to attend on 8 July the LKCMedicine Staff Away Day hosted in the Toh Kian Chui Annex at 11 Mandalay. The Annex is as impressive as the restored heritage building it reflects beautifully in its glass panels, and will undoubtedly prove itself as a sound learning environment for the students.

The Away Day also facilitated important discussion between Imperial colleagues and their Singapore counterparts on the production of the content for Year 2.  In London, we are very excited to have finalised our first iBook for one of the embedded courses, Scientific Enquiry and Special Study, which will give students an interactive overview of the principles of the science behind the practical medicine they will learn.