August 2015 | Issue 19
Taking on Singapore as an IntroDOCtion to LKCMedicine


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By Candice Ang and Isabelle Yoong,
Class of 2019 Students

The second LKCMedicine orientation camp, IntroDOCtion, saw about 70 incoming juniors join their seniors for five days of fun-filled bonding, games and activities. The camp, called Adunare (meaning ‘to unite’ in Latin), was held from 6 to 10 July at locations all over Singapore.

The freshmen were split into four orientation groups (OGs) called Lycan, Kheiron, Cerebro and Mintaur where the first letter of the OG names combine to form LKCM for LKCMedicine. Named after genetically engineered Creations, each group was gifted with a superpower which helped them with various activities on their journey.

The incoming freshmen bonded with their seniors through a series of activities, games and challenges (3) (Custom).jpgA freshman feeding an elderly resident at All Saints Home (Custom).jpg
 Freshmen taking part in games (left) and befriending elderly residents at All Saints Home (right)

For many, the highlight was a new activity called Patient’s Shoes. During a 20-minute simulation, the freshmen performed everyday tasks as a patient living with Parkinson’s, arthritis, and other medical conditions, allowing them to feel some of the difficulties these patients experience.

Another addition this year was the House Buddy Outing on the last day of camp, planned by the House Representatives. Freshmen were introduced to LKCMedicine’s House system, and had the opportunity to get to know their fellow housemates.

Finale Night was the climatic celebration of IntroDOCtion. The OGs put on performances, in which they overcame obstacles to defeat the Engineers, united as a cohort, ready to face the upcoming challenges. We are excited about welcoming our juniors to the LKCMedicine family!


IntroDOCtion 2015 Freshmen with their OG leaders