August 2013|ISSUE 7
Presenting Our Curtain Raisers

The stage is set and the curtain has been raised – presenting our inaugural cohort! Excellent academic results aside, our very first 54 students were selected after undergoing what for them must have been extremely nerve-wrecking Multiple Mini Interviews. Through it all, they demonstrated the attributes and strength of character we were looking for in an LKCMedicine student who would go on to become the doctor you and I would like to have caring for us.

Soon, construction will begin for two brand new LKCMedicine buildings to be completed in 2015 which will boast of world class state-of-the-art educational and research facilities. In the meantime, we have spared no effort and expense to ensure our interim facilities are worthy of envy, with the learning laboratories and seminar rooms at the Yunnan Garden and Novena Campuses completed and fully kitted out.

Medical school – especially for first year students – can be a challenging time. As such, the School has put in place a specially designed House Support System that will provide the necessary support for students when they need it, be it for academic or personal crises. At LKCMedicine, we firmly believe that students learn best when they feel supported.

Here’s wishing our inaugural history making cohort all the very best in their years ahead at LKCMedicine!

Siti Rohanah Koid & Suzanne Lim

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