Issue 123, June 2013
A show of sportsmanship
NTU alumni enjoy an active morning of sports and games at the 2013 NTU Alumni Sports Fiesta

Sports and games bring people of all ages together – and it was clear that participants who gathered for the NTU Alumni Sports Fiesta on 1 June not only had a lot of fun, but plenty of sportsmanship as well. Win or lose, they displayed a great deal of camaraderie and friendly competition.

Organised by NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office (AAO), the event attracted 323 participants and supporters. This year’s event kicked off with a closely-contested 4x100m relay run. Participants also took part in 3-on-3 Basketball, Tennis Doubles, Badminton Doubles, Table-Tennis Doubles, and 5-a-side Men’s Soccer competitions.

There were many familiar faces – Long-time tennis duo Dr Yap Kim Yew (Science/1961) and Mr Alex Khoo (Commerce/1980) were the winning team for this year’s Tennis Doubles for participants above 45 years old. Team Germany, a very strong women’s basketball team who were the runners-up last year, returned this year to claim the first prize from JUST4FUN, the team that defeated them a year ago.

It was Mr Henry Seah’s (NBS/2010) third year participating in the Sports Fiesta. He and his teammate Mr Lester Chan (MAE/2011) were the Men’s Doubles Table-Tennis champions. Said Mr Seah: “The event is a good opportunity for all alumni to gather once a year to play sports. We caught up with some of our old friends during the event, and also had a look at how much the NTU campus had developed over the years. I think we were definitely very lucky to emerge as champions as there were other experienced players who put up a good fight. We are definitely looking forward to another round of competition next year!”

Mr Gerard Tham (NIE/2006), another regular participant, returned this time with his daughter Ms Tiffany Tham (WKWSCI/2012). Father and daughter took part in the 4x100m Relay Run and Tennis. “It was good for both of us to spend a day together playing sports,” said Mr Tham, adding: “I think my daughter feels that she has not really left the NTU campus because she just graduated last year!”

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