October 2017 | Issue 32


Introducing the new MedSoc ExCo

MedSoc ExCo photo (Custom).jpg
Introducing the 5th Executive Committe AY17/18 MedSoc!
L-R: Welfare Director Sundheep Subramani (M4), Programme/Event Director Daniel Tan (M2),
President Lee Cheok Hon (M4), Vice-President Brian Ho (M4), Treasurer Natalia Mar (M2) and
Secretary Ashwin s/o Singaram (M2)


ck 2 (Custom).jpgLee Cheok Hon, President
Welcoming our fifth cohort, and helping with the organisation of the Opening Ceremony in August, I was reminded of how far the School has come since its inception in 2010. For the Medical Society (MedSoc), it is the first time we have half the Executive Committee (ExCo) comprising Year 4 students, which provides the assurance that the MedSoc remains well-placed to meet the needs of all our students, regardless of seniority. As OneLKC, we have indeed achieved many milestones together and we look forward to many more, most notably the graduation of our inaugural cohort.

It is in this spirit of reflection that the new ExCo settles into our individual roles. At the five-year mark of the MedSoc’s short but exciting history, we have been gifted an invaluable opportunity to review existing and past practices and chart our way ahead together. To ensure we remain successful and relevant, we must balance our commitments with the interests of all our stakeholders – most importantly our students and faculty, but not forgetting that we are part of a bigger medical community, in Singapore and the world.

As President, I oversee the ExCo members and their various committees, setting the main direction for my team and keeping abreast of all MedSoc issues so that I can also see the big picture at any given moment. This is essential to my other role, which is to represent the MedSoc at meetings with our faculty, NTU Student Union Council and other external organisations.

This year, the MedSoc will place greater emphasis on playing a bigger role in the Singapore medical community to ensure that our graduates enter a working environment which readily understands and accepts them. Internally, our committees will work hard and synergistically to improve the integration and bond of all five batches of students to foster a strong OneLKC spirit, whilst ensuring that our student life remains vibrant, exciting and unforgettable.​

As the fifth MedSoc embarks on its long journey ahead, we would like to express our thanks to the fourth MedSoc ExCo, Subcommittee Heads, Year Reps and House Reps for their hard work and pioneering initiatives over the past year, and to the students and faculty for their continued support. The year ahead promises to be an exciting one, and we look forward to making it one to remember!

brian 2 (Custom).jpg Brian Ho Han Khai, Vice-President
Hello, my name is Brian and I'll be serving as Vice-President this year. To give you an idea of what that involves, I'll tell you first the history of the Educational Cluster in LKCMedicine, before discussing this year's plan for MedSoc.

The Academics, Careers and Research committees in the MedSoc were only instituted recently after changes made by the ExCo two years ago. Being a maturing medical school with increasing numbers of clinical students, there was both a requirement and initiative from our students in these three areas.

The role of the Vice-President was thus developed to specifically oversee the three committees as well as assist the President in his duties. A simple analogy for my job would be that of a co-pilot with specific responsibilities in flying an aeroplane.

In more concrete terms, the plan for this year's Educational Cluster will feature our Careers division as a priority. As our first cohort approaches their Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1), we expect more demand for career support and numerous bottom-up initiatives for student interest groups have sprung up. I intend to assist and collaborate with these groups and the sponsoring institutions in charting our paths beyond medical school.

This year's Academic Committee will take an active role in tutorial planning with collaborators, whether from student interest groups or Houses. In terms of external relations, we aim to compile common resources for the three medical schools to draw on.

Research at LKCMedicine has been slowly and steadily developing over the last two years. Our work this year will build on last year's publicity toward establishing platforms for research exposure, project matching and conference opportunities.

Lastly, what I'm looking forward to this year, jointly with the Publicity and Publication team, is establishing a MedSoc website for all of us. This is going to include pages for our activities – Events, Local and Overseas Community Involvement Programmes, International Exchanges, Freshman Orientation Camp and Dinner & Dance, Careers, Academics, and Research, amongst others. News bulletins and sale of student merchandise will also be included on our website.

Hope to see you around at LKCMedicine, and let me close by asking you to step forward and do something for our School.

ashwin 2 (Custom).jpgAshwin S/O Singaram, Honorary General Secretary
The role of the Secretary can be rather humdrum to some, but the opportunity to work with numerous stakeholders makes the job challenging and exciting for me. As the Secretary, I will be supporting other members of the MedSoc in carrying out their events and activities. I believe that there is no greater service than being a servant-leader to help those around you to achieve their dreams and being in the ExCo provides me with an excellent opportunity to do so.

Being a member of the MedSoc ExCo last year allowed me to comprehensively understand the inner workings of the School and the MedSoc. I hope to put this experience to good use in the coming year to ensure that students get all the opportunities that they deserve. The ExCo will strive to meet the needs of all students and to do so, I want to make communication between us and students easier. In order for that to happen, I plan to come up with a feedback portal through which the students’ voices can be heard. The ExCo will be able to act upon the feedback to improve any short-comings and make life at LKCMedicine the best that it can be.

I can promise the student population that the ExCo will work tirelessly to enrich each and every student’s life and I hope that you will continue supporting us in all our future endeavours.

natalia 2 (Custom).jpgNatalia Mar Kai Hwee, Honorary Treasurer
The treasurer is responsible for handling the funds, ensuring that sufficient funds are allocated to student-organised events throughout the year. The treasurer also works closely with the other members in the MedSoc, namely the subcommittee heads, to get a better overview of what each subcommittee has envisioned and planned for the year ahead, in order to more equitably allocate budget. Specifically, the treasurer oversees the Merchandising and Sponsorship Committee, which takes care of the sale of School merchandise, and also the sourcing of sponsorship for School events. Personally, I hope that in my term as treasurer, I can help to ensure the smooth running of School events and activities by ensuring that the budget is well planned out and maximised, to best serve the needs of the students. I also hope to be able to expand the range of School merchandise based on student interest.

Sundheep 2 (Custom).jpgSundheep Subramani, Welfare Director
The House system has become an integral part of the student life at LKCMedicine; it is slowly shaping up to be what we all hoped for – a community for both fun and guidance. The House system has the potential to create a tight-knit community beyond the mere five years of medical school. The MedSoc will concentrate on driving this ‘intrahouse’ bonding, made possible by pro-active House representatives – with a keen emphasis to engage both the clinical and pre-clinical students.

It is heartwarming to see the increasing number of students coming forth to serve the society through more Community Involvement Programmes (CIPs). It is a service learning that is in line with the buzzword that is community based care. This culture will be given a platform to flourish as CIPs allow students to serve society as well as bond with each other.

Past committees’ creativity and pioneering spirit have created a unique student life that we can be proud of. This year, we hope to supplement this with a structure such that there is a focused direction to our efforts and activities, in the form of better documentation and analysis to gauge if our outcomes match our targets in an expanding School. All this while ensuring that we remain rooted to principles such as service to the community, respect for colleagues and to simply have good fun!

daniel 2 (Custom).jpgDaniel Tan Han Jie, Programme Director
As we welcome the Class of 2022 into our LKCMedicine family, we also see our School finally having all five batches of students together.

My aim as the Programme Director in the upcoming year is to forge stronger ties between the different batches of students through the many different events that we are familiar with, while coming up with new initiatives that will keep things at LKCMedicine exciting. With our pioneer batch soon to graduate, I certainly hope to make OneLKC a home worth coming back to as we look to create a reunion event to celebrate the fond memories we have forged here over the years and hopefully make even more of in time to come.

As our MedSoc grows, we also hope to make our voice heard in the larger medical community. This year, I hope to forge closer collaboration with our peers in other medical, and nursing, dental and pharmacy schools through greater participation in inter-school events, such as the Med-Nurse games and the annual Inter-Healthcare Camp, and use these opportunities to showcase our students’ talents.

The previous ExCo has laid down a strong foundation with the complete move-in into the Clinical Sciences Building, and I most definitely hope to build on that to bring more vibrancy into our student life.​