Issue 89, August 2010
Staying power
The first Basic Skincare and Make-up Workshop, organised by NTU's Alumni Affairs Office, offers tips on sustainability.

While we cleanse, tone and moisturise, the Clarins beauty consultants at the workshop shared that more needed to be done to have a good skin and sustaining it. 

For a good complexion
Participants were shown how to apply skincare products such that they don’t stretch their skin unnecessarily, causing premature wrinkles.

Start early on a good skincare regime, stressed the consultants. For, the earlier one starts, the longer one's skin remains radiant and youthful looking.

Invest in a good sunscreen, too.

For a perfect make-up
Having good healthy skin is a prelude to flawless make-up.

The Clarins consultants demonstrated how best to choose colours that suit one’s skin tone, as well as the correct methods of application.

They were also shown the different kinds of make-up products such as foundations and eye make-up. Delighted by the products they saw, participants made use of the attractive vouchers handed out to make their purchase towards the end of the workshop. 

Ms Anna Lim, the "model" chosen for the morning session, said: “I picked up some useful skincare and make-up tips from the hands-on session. Clarins also provided us with trial-sized products, which I could use at home. What’s more, I got a chance to meet and chat with other NTU alumnae at this event.”

The workshop, attracting 27 participants, comprised two sessions. Organised by NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office for the first time, it was held on Saturday, 17 July, at Institut Clarins.

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