October 2017 | Issue 32
Parents and teachers flock to engagement sessions

In September, LKCMedicine engaged both aspiring medical students’ parents as well as teachers and Educational Career Guidance Counsellors from schools, junior colleges and polytechnics across Singapore. Held for the first time at the Clinical Sciences Building, the events received an overwhelming response.
Coinciding with the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) application period, many were keen to learn more about the School and peek into the cutting-edge learning facilities at LKCMedicine’s Novena campus.

The engagement sessions were helmed by LKCMedicine Dean Professor James Best, Vice-Dean for Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer and Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs Professor Pang Weng Sun, as part of the School’s wider outreach initiatives.

In his address to the 500-strong audience at the Parents’ Engagement Session held on 9 September, Prof Best highlighted that LKCMedicine trains students to become doctors who deliver healthcare with a personal touch; while Prof Low-Beer presented on the School’s innovative curriculum and team-based pedagogy. Before concluding, she highlighted the robust House system that sits at the heart of LKCMedicine’s tightly-knit community, and provides holistic support to medical students in both their studies and wellbeing.


L-R: Prof Pang hosts teachers at LKCMedicine's Clinical Sciences Building; and chairs the Q&A panel with Prof Low-Beer and the School's Assistant Deans

Two LKCMedicine Year 4 students also shared their experiences at the School candidly. Rebekah Lee recalled what helped her make up her mind when choosing between two offers to read medicine. She shared that it was LKCMedicine’s modern pedagogical approach that had attracted her to the School.

During both sessions, guests were invited to ask the faculty and students their burning questions. Parents were interested to find out more about the admissions process, in particular the BMAT and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), while teachers and Educational Career Guidance Counsellors asked questions about Team-Based Learning (TBL). In sharing more about TBL, Prof Pang, who hosted the 22 teachers on 13 September, explained that TBL’s focus on critical problem-solving trains students to articulate their thoughts.

L-R: Parents get a taste of life as an LKCMedicine student, taking part in a TBL lesson and observing an ultrasound demonstration

After asking their burning questions, the guests had the opportunity to step into the shoes of students and experience for themselves the TBL method which has replaced traditional lectures at LKCMedicine. They could also tour the bespoke-built learning spaces, which was the highlight of the events for many.

One parent said, “The tour of the facilities was excellent, as it gave my son who is interested in Medicine a first-hand experience of what it would be like to be a student in LKCMedicine.”

Parents, teachers and counsellors left the engagement sessions with a better understanding of what LKCMedicine has to offer.


L-R: LKCMedicine Year 2 student Jonathan Loke talks parents through a clinical practice skills; while Head of Anatomy Assistant Professor Reddy Mogali brings to life anatomy teaching for teachers visiting the School

Another parent took to Facebook to thank the School for organising the session, saying, “I would like to thank the School for organising the very informative Parents’ Engagement Session. Having heard much about the School, it was a great delight to be able to visit and to witness the dedication of the faculty.”