February 2013|ISSUE 4
LKCMedicine Editorial Board Appointed

To further improve The LKCMedicine Newsletter content lineup and direction, the School has set up an Editorial Board. It consists of six members with wide-ranging areas of expertise.

The LKCMedicine is a bi-monthly newsletter reaching out to the School’s diverse audience and stakeholders. The past three issues received good feedback for its wide-ranging articles on the education model, pedagogical innovations and research strategy of the School as well as news and event writeups.

The board members are as follows:
• Professor Michael Ferenczi, LKCMedicine Assistant Dean, Head of Phase 1
• Dr Vivien Chiong, Director, NTU Corporate Communications
• Dr Andrew Ang, Director, LKCMedicine Research
• Paul Ratcliffe, Deputy Faculty Education Officer, Faculty of Medicine of Imperial College London and Head, Administration London Office of LKCMedicine
• Suzanne Lim, Senior Assistant Director, LKCMedicine Alumni, Development & Endowment Services
• Siti Rohanah Koid, Editor-in- Chief, LKCMedicine Newsletter and Deputy Director, LKCMedicine
Communications & External Relations

The role of Editorial Board is to oversee and endorse the content lineup of the LKCMedicine Newsletter, which represents the voice of the medical school.

The board members, may from time to time, also be invited to write editorials, review or select published articles and columns for inclusion in the newsletter, covering the areas of medical education, healthcare and medical research.

We trust the newsletter will benefit greatly from the members’ expertise and participation.

Welcome onboard!