October 2018 | Issue 38
Project Daya


By Michelle Chong, Class of 2022

In the middle of the long July break, Project Daya made its way to Kampung Air, Batam, for the fourth time this academic year. We continued to use the community health database which was initiated in March, allowing us to follow up with villagers at risk and collect reliable data of the village. Our mapping system helped us to locate houses, and outreach teams carried a cache of brochures and relevant knowledge to share with villagers besides the main outreach material on mosquito-borne diseases. It was rewarding to see this streamlined outreach process, a culmination of different members’ ideas throughout the year, coming to life.

During this trip, we also spent a day checking out a new village, Kampung Baloi Kolam, and  managed to outline some concerns and gaps in healthcare knowledge in the village. The prospect of meeting the villagers of Baloi Kolam armed with the experience gained over the years is an exciting one.

Before leaving Batam, we conducted a specialised training session for our Peduli Bangsa translators.