October 2015 | Issue 20


Uniquely LKCMedicine



By Assistant Professor Gerald Tan

Lead for Body Structures & Imaging, Marie Curie House​

​​I still remember manning the suturing station at LKCMedicine's first Simulation Day, surrounded by eager but bewildered pre-university students. Fast forward three years and these same students are now confidently running the show and even demonstrating their ultrasound skills on the NTU President (for more on that click here​)!

But what I find even more impressive is that they have gone beyond School-led events and organised their own activities, from orientation camps to overseas community involvement programmes. Because to me, a single student-led event sends a message of passion and belief that is way stronger than 10 faculty talks or a hundred pretty posters (sorry faculty!). And that they have managed all this despite their small numbers, busy schedule, and limited experience is truly amazing! Their drive and passion has shown what is possible, and inspired the rest of us.

Nonetheless, these frontline ambassadors need our support, much like an actor is supported by 10 others backstage, from stagehands and set designers to scriptwriters and publicists. At LKCMedicine, it has been great to see so many people help out in so many ways, from the late nights planning events and producing videos to the weekends burnt setting up equipment or canvassing for funds.

Indeed, what may seem a small and insignificant skill could be the missing piece in the larger jigsaw. So in the spirit of this month's newsletter, I'd like to recognise all those who have helped out in the past, and encourage everyone to help out in their own little way going forward!