Issue 111, June 2012
Rural fun in the city
NTU alumni and their families get close to Nature

As city-dwellers, not many Singaporeans may be aware of the numerous farms tucked away in the ‘corners’ of our modern isle. But if they were to explore areas like Kranji and Lim Chu Kang, they would realise that there are still a number of farms thriving out there.

About 375 NTU alumni and their families did just that during the recent NTU Alumni Farm Visit organised by the Alumni Affairs Office. They visited a goat farm, a wheatgrass/mushroom and organic produce farm, a freshwater fish farm and a vegetable farm. Excitement filled the air as participants gathered to set off, as many were first-time visitors to these farms.

For Ms Siau Jia Ling (MAE/2007) who attended the event with her family, the farm visit provided her an opportunity for some family bonding. She found the goat farm the most interesting of all, as participants were shown how nanny goats were milked and how the milk was then processed. Her niece, Casey, and her nephew, Caleb, both aged seven, were seen happily drinking the chocolate flavoured goats’ milk given free to all farm visitors.

“I enjoyed the visit to the organic produce farm too. In fact, I have always thought that cacti were consumed only out of desperation, when one wants to stay alive in deserts. But now I have learnt that we can prepare delicious soups with cacti,” Jia Ling commented, with reference to how these spiky plants were cooked in soup and served to farm visitors that day. “I like the organic produce farm too!” her niece Casey pipes in. “I was hungry and got to try out different types of yummy mushrooms fried with vegetables!” she says, beaming with satisfaction.

The NTU Alumni Farm Visit was held on Saturday, 26 May.

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