February 2018 | Issue 34


From the London Office

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By Dr Eleanor Sheppard, Collaboration Manager, London Office

With a number of staffing changes in the London Office over the last few months, this is a good time to (re)introduce the Collaboration Support Team, and the not always glamorous, but important and interesting behind-the-scenes work that we do.

I joined the London Office in 2014, when we only had one small cohort of 54 students on the MBBS programme. Having watched the School grow from strength to strength over the last four years, I am very much looking forward to seeing those first students graduate in only a few short months, and start making their mark in medicine! 

In my role, I manage the Collaboration Support Team. We look after the Imperial side of the governance and educational quality management of the MBBS programme, working with the Academic Affairs team in Singapore to ensure that the agreed LKCMedicine policies and procedures are followed and updated as necessary to reflect best practice at Imperial and NTU, and in the UK and Singapore more widely. We are also responsible for coordinating student and faculty visits between Imperial and LKCMedicine.

Readers of this column last month will have (virtually) met Roxana Hughes, our go-to person for all things student engagement related. This month, she has been busy arranging the selection of the LKCMedicine Year 2 students who will be coming to Imperial for an exchange visit in March – we’ve received three applications per place on the exchange and the competition is fierce. She is also in the midst of coordinating the matching of LKCMedicine students to speciality placements for our current Year 4s who have chosen to come to Imperial for their elective placements this August. Students coming to Imperial this year will soon be hearing from Roxy and if you have any questions about your visit, she’ll be the person to ask!

The newest member of our team, Dr Delwen Samuel, just joined us at the beginning of this year. She has been thrown in at the deep end, but is very quickly coming up to speed with all the acronyms we use for the various components of the unique MBBS curriculum at LKCMedicine; the large number of committees, meetings and boards at Imperial, LKCMedicine and NTU; and the 30+ regulations, policies, strategy documents and guidelines that govern the MBBS, the School and our collaboration. Delwen joins us from a background in quality assurance and research governance at Imperial and in local government. She will ensure that any changes to curriculum or regulations required at LKCMedicine are reviewed at Imperial in a timely manner. There are complicated processes at both institutions to be satisfied, as the teams in London and Singapore work closely together to ensure that this does not unnecessarily hinder the implementation of changes to improve our programme. Delwen also provides support to the London curriculum development team who are currently busy collaborating on the LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 curriculum review.

Though we are over 6,000 miles and eight hours away, we value our connection to Singapore. Working across cultures and time-zones and balancing the stringent requirements of two world-class institutions is what makes our working weeks all that more interesting!