April 2016 | Issue 23
From class to clinic




By Nicole Lim
The LKCMedicine Editor 

Scientist and author Isaac Asimov said, “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” We are creatures of habit and change requires adaptation and an open mind. For medical students, in particular, the transition from textbook to apprenticeship-style learning in clinical settings is a difficult one. In this issue, we get the inside scoop from students, faculty and clinical tutors on how our inaugural cohort dealt with this transition.

We also introduce a new column, OneLKC, in which we celebrate the different people who make up the LKCMedicine family. We get to know our new Vice-Dean for Research, Professor Russell Gruen; and we hear from the Class of 2019 students who have just returned from the inaugural LKCMedicine-Imperial student exchange visit. As always, we have the latest news (LKCMedicine won big at the Nanyang Awards last month) and happenings at the School for you.

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