June 2018 | Issue 36


Prospective students called to be part of a special family at LKCMedicine High Tea

​With the School's first cohort – the Class of 2018 – already starting work in healthcare institutions across Singapore, this particular annual High Tea held at the Clinical Sciences Building on Saturday, 12 May, is especially poignant.

Hosted by LKCMedicine Dean Professor James Best, the High Tea saw about 300 students from Singapore's leading institutions and their parents tour the School's award-winning teaching facilities at the heart of HealthCity Novena. The immersive pre-event programme included mini Team-Based Learning sessions in the Learning Studio; demonstrations of practical skills such as venepuncture, stapling and ultrasound in the Practical Skills Lab and Simulated Ward; communication skills training in the Communications Suite; and a showcase of anatomy teaching with the Anatomage table, plastinated specimens, and Ageing Simulation Suit in the Anatomy Learning Centre. At each stop, LKCMedicine students were at hand to bring the curriculum experience to life.

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Prospective students experience several elements of the MBBS programme, from Team-Based Learning classes to Anatomy during the pre-event programme 

After the pre-event hands-on programme, guests made their way to the Auditorium on Level 4 for the formal programme, which was kicked off by Prof Best.

Prof Best said, "As a physician with many, many years of experience, I can assure you that medicine is a wonderful career. It does require dedication and it includes a commitment to lifelong learning and it requires an understanding of the human condition, so that you can relate to people at some of the most difficult periods in their lives. To be a good doctor you need to combine both knowledge and compassion… We'll take you on that demanding but wonderfully rewarding journey over the coming years."

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Prof Best (left) welcomes the prospective students and their parents to LKCMedicine, assuring them that medicine is a wonderful career, while Prof Suresh (right) talks about how LKCMedicine will prepare students for the upcoming challenges of healthcare

After Prof Best's welcome, the prospective students and their parents were addressed by President and Distinguished University Professor of NTU – Professor Subra Suresh, who took to the stage to talk about the high calling that is medicine and how LKCMedicine will prepare students for the upcoming challenges of healthcare. The former President of Carnegie Mellon University who assumed his role as NTU President in January said, "What the School has achieved is nothing short of spectacular and I congratulate my colleagues at LKCMedicine for having achieved that."

LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer followed on to share more about the key highlights that set the School's world-class medical education apart, as the curriculum has been developed based on how medicine used to be taught. Prof Low-Beer said, "You can expect a modern, forward-thinking curriculum. We will nurture your academic talents as well as prepare you for the future of medicine through active collaborative learning, with technology to enhance your learning."

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Prof Low-Beer (left) shares more about LKCMedicine's innovative pedagogy, while Mr Lupton (right) talks about Imperial London College and the opportunities the prospective students have between the two schools

After a break for light refreshments, Associate Dean & Head of Imperial Undergraduate School Medicine, Mr Martin Lupton took to the stage where he gave a summary of the history of Imperial – which he stressed is LKCMedicine's heritage – and said that LKCMedicine is the improvement that's built on the achievements of the Old World but there are opportunities that could be tapped with time spent in London's established medical institutions as well.

Dr Brenton Sio and Dr Charmaine Lee, from the School's very first Class of 2018, followed with a fresh, first-hand account of the LKCMedicine experience: study; student life on campus; giving back with healthcare missions to Cambodia and Sri Lanka; and as they've started work, of a doctor's life as well. Current Year 1 students Ng Ding Yi and Paras Bajaj shared about the upcoming Freshman Orientation Camp as well as the Inter Healthcare Camp.

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Recent PGY1 Dr Sio and Dr Lee (left) from the Class of 2018 share their fresh first-hand account of the LKCMedicine experience, followed by Prof Lim's (right) talk​ about the partnership between LKCMedicine and NHG

The two students then handed the floor to Professor Lim Tock Han, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer for Education and Research, National Healthcare Group, who expounded on the benefits of the School's partnership with Singapore's leading healthcare provider.

The Q&A session that followed, hosted by Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs​​​ Professor Pang Weng Sun with a panel comprising Prof Low-Beer, the School's Assistant Deans and Mr Lupton, addressed a wide range of questions, including ones about assessment, exposure to other healthcare sites, staying in halls, and opportunities for graduates.

The jam-packed programme came to a close with Prof Pang saying: "This is the sixth time I'm doing this, and in the past I used to say I have my students with us. This year, I get to say, I have my doctors with us."

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Prof Pang chairs a panel of LKCMedicine Vice-Deans and Assistant Deans to answer burning questions by the prospecctive students and their parents