Issue 109, April 2012
Honouring our Student Alumni Associates
Fifty Student Alumni Associates are recognised for their efforts in cultivating alumni relations

“These passionate students have a singular mission: To help reconnect NTU alumni to their alma mater and make them feel at home. Giving generously of their time and diverse talents, our Student-Alumni Associates serve in many ways, through helping to organise alumni gatherings and mobilising other volunteers,” commended Professor Kam Chan Hin, NTU’s Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, of the newly appointed Student Alumni Associates at the appreciation dinner organised for them.

This year, a total of 50 Student Alumni Associates were appointed, bringing the total number to 406. Initiated by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office in 2007, the Student Alumni Associates programme recognises existing students who have played a pivotal role towards the development and cultivation of alumni relations amongst student and alumni networks.

Professor Kam also applauded the students for building a ‘bridge’ to connect NTU’s students with its alumni, and for providing the link for alumni to stay connected with their University. “It’s in this way that our Student Alumni Associates play an important role in keeping the NTU family closely knit. Their work in totality will help preserve and develop NTU’s values and traditions, keep alive the Nantah spirit, and ensure the continuity of its legacy.”

Tokens of appreciation and certificates in recognition of their efforts were handed out to the Student Alumni Associates during the presentation ceremony held on 4 April at NTU’s Nanyang Executive Centre.

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