August 2014 | ISSUE 13
A freshie's guide to LKCMedicine and NTU campus life

By LKCMedicine MedSoc

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  1. ​A $1 coin on NTU campus is essential for washing machines.Coin-01 (Small).png

  2. Best thing to do on the bus from NTU to Mandalay is SLEEP!

  3. Best places to study are Mandalay library, Mandalay discussion rooms, RTP student lounge and Lee Wee Nam Library.

  4. Head to the student lounge if you need to chillax, go crazy on the foosball table, pool table or PS3 or take a break from all that studying.

  5. The most exciting thing to expect in year one is – what are you saying?! Everything is exciting!

  6. Make sure you always have your iPad and key fob with you before you leave halls.

  7. You’ll always find a senior hanging out at the Mandalay student lounge or library.

  8. Best way to get over your fear of speaking up at TBL is to always volunteer to answer the question until the facilitators refuse to let you answer. Hands-01 (Custom).png

  9. LKCMedicine House games are important because you have a part to play in cementing your House’s reputation as THE BEST HOUSE!

  10. Best non-campus hangouts are Novena Square, Velocity and Square 2.

  11. Best place for a midnight snack is McDonald’s at NTU’s North Spine.Fries-01-01 (Small).png

  12. If you play a sport, make sure you train hard, train smart and don’t regret not giving your best.

  13. If you want to take up a sport, don’t be embarrassed, shy or paiseh to start or ask for advice.

  14. Best time to do laundry is at night just before going to bed, so that you can hang your laundry to dry overnight.Clothes-01 (Small).png

  15. I wish I’d known that consistency is key at the beginning of the year.

  16. If you get lost on NTU campus, your best bet is to get to the main road and look for the campus loop bus service.Bus-01 (Custom).png

  17. Best places for lunch at NTU are the cai fan stall at Canteen B (Koufu @ South Spine) or Canteen A (@ North Spine).

  18. One thing you should do from the beginning is to rehash whatever you’ve learnt into a format which you can easily read and understand for revision purposes – reading everything all over again before the exams is simply insane!

  19. Best place to check out the boys/girls on campus is – don’t check out boys/girls. If you are interested, just ask them out!

  20. A must-have item loaded onto your iPad is OWA (Outlook Web App), so you can access your NTU email anywhere as long as you have internet access.iPad-01 (Custom).png