Issue 101, August 2011
Uniting over interest in alternative medicine
With the launch of NTU’s Chinese Medicine Alumni Association (CMAA), comes a new avenue for networking.

"The NTU CMAA will provide a networking platform and contact point, for the new generation of informed Chinese Medicine professionals, who will inherit the values and innovate the tradition for the advancement of Chinese Medicine in Singapore. Whilst NTU CMAA will unite graduates from NTU’s double degree programme in TCM, it will also work together with other organisations to further advance the development of TCM in Singapore. With the NTU TCMAA, graduates will have an avenue that helps to pave the way towards integration with the Chinese medicine community and industry," said Guest-of-honour Professor Er Meng Hwa, NTU’s Vice President (International Affairs), in his speech at the event launch.

The 14th School-based alumni association will be headed by Ms Karen Wee Yan Ling, alumnus from the School of Biological Sciences’ Class of 2010. She is part of the pioneer batch of graduates from the Chinese Medicine and Biological Sciences double degree programme – a unique programme in which its students study 3 years in NTU, followed by 2 years in Beijing.

In her welcome address, Ms Wee expressed her gratitude for the support from the CMAA committee in planning for the successful formation and launch of the association. She emphasised the importance of the association in serving, not only as a platform to unite the graduates and NTU, but also as a bridge to connect young physicians with expertise.

The event highlight was the official launch of the association and the unveiling of the CMAAA logo. The designer of the logo, Ms Ho Chin Ee (SBS/2010), explained that the sprout on the logo represents the group of young physicians of CMAA, whilst the letter ‘M’ symbolises students and professors working together. The vibrancy of youth and passion is shown through the dynamic layout. The event ended with the lighting of candles, representing the heritage and promotion of TCM.

The launch of the CMAA was held on 7 August at the M Hotel.

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