February 2013|ISSUE 4
Updates  About Imperial Leads Visit to LKCMedicine

By Paul Ratcliffe

It is a very exciting time for LKCMedicine as August draws ever closer. I was pleased to chat with some of the London delegation returning from Singapore energised and enthused with lots of positive feedback following their visit to LKCMedicine in January.

The Away Day also impressed the team who commented on the wonderful vivacity and zest shown by their counterparts at LKCMedicine as a key strength of the School as they make preparations for its opening.

A few of the items also highlighted to me were the productive discussions about the development of application exercises for Team Based Learning and the excellent progress on making the arrangements for early clinical activity. I know that some of my clinical colleagues were green with envy at the sight of some of the first-class clinical environments in which LKCMedicine students will be learning.

A high quality student experience complements a high quality curriculum and the visitors were also very impressed with the initiatives being worked on by the Student Life and Services Team in developing the student support infrastructure. They enjoyed in particular learning about the House
System and the plans for the One Stop Student Centres.

The Student Life and Services Team are working closely with Associate Professor Kwok Kian Woon Anthony, NTU’s Associate Provost (Student Life), and his team who recently we were pleased to welcome to the London Office as part of their visit to Imperial to see a range of departments and individuals to find out more about student experience developments.

Of course alongside all of the exciting developments in Singapore, back in London and despite the recent snowy weather, the London Office is busy finalising the Year 1 curriculum and working with colleagues at LKCMedicine to finalise the supporting regulations ready for the inaugural cohort.