June 2016 | Issue 24
Dear Diary: Rin Hong Yu


Rin Hong Yu
Class of 2020


20 April:
Wrapped up the filming of Ceres’ portion for the orientation promo video today! Happy with what we were able to come up with, and some of the takes that we reviewed. Costumes turned out much better than we could’ve expected, and we looked pretty cool! The end product will be epic, can’t wait for it to be released! After the tiring filming session, my fellow Orientation Group Leaders and I went out for waffles and ice cream as a reward for our hard work.


27 April:
Today, we had our Innovations in Medicine talk, by Associate Professor Melvin Leow, which I was really looking forward to. The topic for this session was “Mixing Mathematics with Medicine - Equations for Euthyroid Equilibrium”. It seems that we can apply what we’ve learnt in mathematics from our 12 years of pre-university education to the medical field after all! Having just finished our Renal Endocrine block, the topic was one that we could better understand, and we could see how the many different aspects of the medical profession can come together and flourish. Assoc Prof Leow spoke with such conviction and genuine interest, I’m sure that my fellow school mates came out feeling all the more inspired to do our best to contribute our own discoveries to society in the future!

29 April:
PB&J is finally here, giving everyone an opportunity to kick back and relax! While those who are musically inclined put up performances, those who are well coordinated danced their hearts out. Having none of the aforementioned skills, I did my best to contribute, by being the emcee for the night. I was a bit nervous, but luckily my hair prevented me from seeing the audience. Overall an enjoyable evening, it was a good breather amidst our hectic schedules, definitely a night to remember.


4 May: IHC remix

We just finished our last Inter-House Championship (IHC) event for the year. But all good things come to an end, I suppose. IHC Remix was an afternoon packed full of exciting activities. It was really enjoyable seeing each other let loose, competing for our respective houses, but mainly just having fun. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. I learnt yet again that my psychomotor skills are nonexistent, but it was fun, nonetheless. Congrats to the champions, Marie Curie House!
And what better way to end the day than with an impromptu movie outing to JCube! I watched “Captain America: Civil War” with a few friends, and after being inspired by seeing Captain America flex his pecs on the big screen, we immediately hit the gym once we came back to hall.


6 May:

Team-Based Learning (TBL) today was on electromyography. The questions for our IRA were harder than expected, but luckily my team mates were able to explain the concepts to me during TRA. The content experts were of great help as well, clearing some of our misconceptions during the burning questions phase. TBL ended quite early today, but I had a short meeting with the other Head Orientation Group Leaders to settle some details for the Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP). We managed to come up with our first draft for our cheer. Yay! Things are finally starting to come together. Can’t wait for the actual FOP next month!

9 May:

Clinical Encounters today was such an eye-opening experience. Today, we had two patients, one with rheumatoid arthritis and another with a below-knee-amputation, come in to share the various challenges that they deal with in everyday life. As we further explored their condition and how it has impacted their day-to-day activities, we were once again shown that patients aren’t only physically affected by the disease, but there are also mental and emotional challenges. Each patient has their own unique set of ordeals which they cope with differently. Their strength and perseverance in overcoming these challenges are an inspiration to us all.