April 2017 | Issue 29
Highlights from the student exchange to Imperial

Emma Chow byline pic (Custom).jpgTeo Tong Lin byline pic (Custom).jpg  By Emma Chow and Teo Tong Lin, Class of 2020

Eighteen students from LKCMedicine visited Imperial College London from 5 to 11 March as part of the second LKCMedicine – Imperial College School of Medicine Exchange Programme.

The programme gave us the chance to experience a wide spectrum of academic activities at Imperial – including Year 1 anatomy dissection and practicals, Year 2 lectures and clinical teachings and Year 5 general practice (GP) placements. We were also immersed in London's rich culture through activities with the Imperial students, such as catching "Wicked" the musical together.

 IMG 1 Simulation Teaching (Custom).jpg
Class of 2020 students Hui Shyuan and Joelle examine a manikin during simulation teaching at Charing Cross Hospital, while fellow LKCMedicine students observe them

The week kicked off with Dr Mike Barrett, who is the Head of Learning Resources at the School of Medicine, giving us a tour of Imperial's beautiful South Kensington Campus, including a visit to the London Office of LKCMedicine. It was lovely meeting the team who work hard from thousands of miles away to help our School grow from strength to strength.

We then travelled to the Charing Cross campus, located just a few tube stations away, where the other half of our on-campus activities were based. We met Professor of Endocrinology Karim Meeran who conducted an Endocrinology Team-Based Learning (TBL) lesson and delivered a succinct introduction to the National Health Service (NHS), which helped to put our learning in context of the UK’s healthcare system.
In the afternoon, Professor Ceri Davies, Chair of Anatomy, showed us the meticulously-documented collection of specimens at the School’s Pathology Museum and introduced us to anatomy teaching at Imperial.

IMG 2 River Thames 1 (Custom).jpgIMG 3 River Thames 2 (Custom).jpgLKCMedicine and Imperial students enjoy a walk along the River Thames

We had a very enriching time over the next few days joining Year 5 Imperial students on their GP placements at clinics across London to see primary care in action, attending pre-clinical lectures and practicals and experiencing clinical teaching at Charing Cross Hospital. We tried our hands at intravenous cannulation, examined a manikin during simulation teaching and performed cardio-respiratory examinations on patients on the wards, with guidance from our very experienced clinical tutors.

Yet, this exchange was not all work and no play. LKCMedicine students were treated to a guided tour of the Queen's Tower on Tuesday, and enjoyed a scenic walk down the River Thames South Bank with Prof Davies and Imperial students on Thursday afternoon, which offered magnificent views of the London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe and St Paul's Cathedral, amongst many other iconic attractions. Students from both Schools also met one mid-week evening to watch "Wicked" at the theatre.

IMG 4 Hunterian Museum (Custom).jpg
Prof Ceri Davies with students from both Schools at the Royal College of Surgeons' Hunterian Museum

We also had the chance to visit the Royal College of Surgeons' Hunterian Museum, which boasts unrivalled collections of specimens, models and instruments from the 17th century to the present day, and the Old Operating Theatre, Europe's oldest surviving operating theatre before the advent of antiseptics and anaesthetics.

The exchange concluded with a feedback session and discussion about how to strengthen the relationship between students from our Schools.

IMG 5 Collaboration Discussion (Custom).jpg
Imperial College Associate Dean & Head of Undergraduate Medicine Mr Martin Lupton and Deputy Head of Undergraduate Medicine Dr Joanne Harris lead a large group discussion about collaborative ideas suggested by LKCMedicine and Imperial students

On behalf of the 18 of us, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the many people at both Schools who have helped make this very meaningful and inspiring exchange possible. We are eager to deepen relationships between students from both Schools and hope to propose collaborative projects in the next months facilitated by friendships forged during the exchange. We are also looking forward to discussing our learning with our peers when we return to Singapore and cannot wait to welcome our ​friends ​from Imperial to LKCMedicine and Singapore later this year!