June 2016 | Issue 24
Peanut Butter & Jam: hitting all the right notes


by Sophia Wong
Class of 2019 and Head of the PB&J Organising Committee 2016


The lecture theatre at LKCMedicine’s heritage headquarters building was abuzz with voices on Friday, 29 April, when more than 170 students, faculty and staff gathered for a night of entertainment at the annual Peanut Butter & Jam (PB&J). With so much talent among our ranks, many performances were memorable.

The House Tutors got together to perform a spirited rendition of “House of the Rising Sun”. A few groups sang Korean songs, most notably from the soundtrack of the hit drama, “Descendants of the Sun”. In addition, we heard our very first acapella performance and many original songs.

PBJ 13.jpgPBJ 11.jpg 

Groups of students perform their acapella and original songs at PB&J

The brightest star of the night, however, was Bryan Ang. Titled 'B.ANG!', Bryan used technology to record his singing and beatboxing on the spot, then looped and played it back to deliver a stunning one-man, multi-layered performance of “Happy” and “What Do You Mean/Take Heart”, driving the crowd wild and cementing his place as the most memorable performer of the night!

PBJ 12.jpg 

Bryan works the keyboard on his one-man performance

Behind these amazing performances was a lot of hard work, both on the part of the performers and the organising committee. Not everything went smoothly, with last minute additions to the line-up affecting the start time. The different schedules of the three batches of students also made arranging the sound checks difficult. Thankfully, the effort and cooperation of all those involved resulted in a smooth event at the literal end of the day.

Besides a night of entertainment, PB&J was also a night of bonding, as all three batches of students, House Tutors and their families came together under one roof to enjoy the wide array of performances. With a great show and great company, PB&J 2016 had it all!

PBJ 9.jpgPBJ 7.jpg 

No one is shy, students and faculty dance and perform during the PB&J